An advocate for the Homeless, I have been instrumental as one of the founder that established HAGS (Jersey City Homelessness Advocacy Group) and will continue on finding ways to address concerns and solutions to help end homelessness.

Job Creation for our JC residents

"Full employment in Jersey City is a key priority for me. I am working to assure that all people be able to find work at a living wage. I have and will promote legislation that encourages businesses to provide both jobs and training for the people of Jersey City"

Quality of Life Issues

I have been an ardent supporter of keeping our streets safe, enforcing the laws to continue the growing safety in Jersey City neighborhoods. To provide resources for young people to have places to recreate. I will work to have make Jersey City a pleasant place to live and work.

Nidia R Lopez 1B

I believe in working smart, but also working hard to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I may not be able to do everything, but I can do something; it’s with enthusiasm and God’s guidance that I look forward to tomorrow.”

VOTE: June 11th, 2013 – Nidia R Lopez 1B

I represent close to 40,000 people, only 19,000 are register to vote. Only 3,058 came out to vote in 2009. Help us make history and please come out and make your VOICE be heard. VOTE for the FUTURE OF JERSEY CITY “TEAM FULOP”. Thank You!

2009 Ward C VOTERS = Total 3,058 Nidia R. Lopez 1,595 votes 52.16%

James P. King 1,014 votes 33.16% - AsimUsman 85 votes 2.78% - Norrice L. Raymaker 186 votes 6.08% - Craig Bailey 106 votes 3.47% - Adela Rohena 69 votes 2.26%

Jersey City councilwoman Nidia Lopez will be keeping her Journal Square council seat.In a 16-page decision, Superior Court Assignment Judge Maurice Gallipoli has ruled the Ward C councilwoman lives in Jersey City. My love and appreciation to all that stood by my side knowing that this political attack was a lie; and thank you for all individuals in this oppositions who are now my friends and supporters.


Jersey City revaluation contract awarded to company that employs former city business administrator

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Despite the complaints of Councilmen David Donnelly and Steven Fulop...

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Ordinance to Adopt Harsimus Cove Redevelopment Plan

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